“I Like to think of Bodhi as the first interview as the very high quality screening process, means a high number of candidates pass through to offer.” Tim Biddiscombe – Global Professional Services Director

Benefits of working with a specialist

Data & Analytics is a complex and competitive marketplace, the sooner we can be brought into any hiring strategy, the better. Doing so often saves time & money in the long term and it almost always delivers a smoother process, the engagement of more effective teams and overall a more positive experience.

When we work on an exclusive basis, over 80% of the candidates we submit are invited to interview and clients typically average just 1.9 candidate interviews before making an offer.

Thus, reducing time to hire and saving valuable time & money not having to review irrelevant CV’s and interviewing inappropriate candidates.


Our (not so) secret weapon

We understand the technical intricacies of the sector and we listen. We take the time to learn what a client wants; the critical technical details and qualities and qualifications that make all the difference to your business. You can count on us to ask the right questions, take notes and focus our energies in the right direction.

Ensuring the right fit for your business

Within the data sector, it’s common to find similarly qualified candidates. Our expertise comes into its own in this scenario, as we understand both what our clients really want and what the candidates really need. It’s not always about money. It’s about the culture within your business and the professional nuances that will compel one candidate to accept your offer – and thrive.

We make it our business to fully qualify your proposition with suitable candidates, so that you only interview credible, engaged possibilities.

Search and employ

In addition to our extensive talent pools, we employ a targeted head-hunt approach to ensure that we source and deliver quality candidates. And from there, we apply our industry-leading expertise and technology to select only the candidates that meet your brief.

Ultimately, it comes down to a tried and trusted process that we find delivers great results.


We like to think we’re experts in asking the right questions, shutting up and taking notes.


You can count on us to offer insightful suggestions and effective strategies to secure a successful outcome.


When it’s time to spring to action, we’ll be doing precisely that; giving your requirements our fullest intention.


We know that the people we deal with rely on us to get the job done properly and on time, so that’s precisely what we do.


Our core specialisms


"I Like to think of Bodhi as the first interview as the very high-quality screening process, means a high number of candidates pass through to offer."
Tim Biddiscombe
Global Professional Services Director
"Experts, easy to work with."
Head of Talent
Leading fashion ecommerce company
"Code can be quite demanding and all our requests are taken with a thorough understanding."
Elena Ognyanova
"John always took the time to understand the exact requirements of what I needed and tried to give me exactly what I was looking for. He really got a grasp of the culture we were working in and met the challenge head-on. I always found him to be incredibly upfront and honest and managed my expectations accordingly. They had brilliant knowledge of the local data and analytics market and they were good, honest and reliable."
Emma Stowell
"Perfect fit for the role, right experience, and good attitude. Experts in your area."
Hayley Clifford

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